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Monday, July 6, 2009

In June I did the "Make a card a day" project from my 101 in 1001 goals list. At the end of the month I wondered what I should do in July that I could check off my list, and decided on #55 - flylady for a month have a house that is simple, clean and tidy. This is going to be no easy ride! Our house is what you'd call "lived in". We're both pretty busy, we have lots of hobbies (bikes, snowboarding etc) that require gear/equipment and we both have home offices so there is no 'spare room' to stash stuff. I guess what I'm saying is that storage in our house is limited, we have too much stuff and not enough room to put it.

I'm working through the Babysteps but a big part of Flylady's beginner system is that you work on decluttering for 15 minutes a day. As I have lots of decluttering to do, I've been doing this in my office since the beginning of the month. Now I've done this whole thing before, said that I would tidy up, get part the way through they fail get side tracked or bogged down with deadlines and it never gets done... So... to hold myself accountable I am posting pics of my scraproom/office on my blog and will update at the end of the month once I get done! Yikes! Hope you are ready for this...

So first up, a pic as you open the door and walk into the room. Greeting you are some boxes of product/books, a printer, some pillows (sewing project), and a box of goodies for my Mom. At the far end are 2 rolling carts, my sewing table (yes there is a sewing machine under that crap somewhere) and an exercise ball.

(couldn't take a pic of the closet to the left cos there was too much crap in the way!)

The Scrapbook area: This corner isn't really that bad right now, despite being mid-project. The problem lies in the fact that I have supplies to add to the stash and no space to make room for it!

Computer area: Not THAT bad cos I tidied it up last Friday when I got fed up of losing things on the desk. Still needs work. Need to organize the files and the cupboard too!

So... 15 minutes a day! At the end of the month I want to get rid of some stuff, clear out and organize the closet, work on creating a sewing table again and generally be able to walk around without fear of knocking a load of stuff over!

If you don't hear from me, send chocolate!


Janet S July 7, 2009 at 11:56 AM  

I totally hear ya! My big goal while on break from working at a school is to organize my stamping room, too. I am having a hard time getting started since I just look at it and get overwhelmed. I am motivated now by your challenge to do it by the end of July. Thanks for sharing your goals and triumphs.

tolemommy July 7, 2009 at 7:47 PM  

Wow, we could be twins or triplets! I teach and was hoping to clean my room, too. Overwhelmed is an understatement.....I'm going to try, too...thanks!

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