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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My new Serger arrived about an hour ago (whilst I was out returning library books)! I haven't properly looked at it yet as I am busy preparing the newsletter for tomorrow, zipping and uploading products to my 3S store and basically doing all the normal Tuesday things. I had hoped to get a couple of cards done to show today or maybe even *shock* a layout but alas it was not to be. Mostly because I need to box up the cards on my table for the Cards for Heroes project. I sorted through all my old cards and basically culled a LOAD for this project. It's a good cause so I have no issue with it :) One of my dearest designer friends Shelle is sacrificing her husband for 6 months whilst he goes off to serve his country so this cause is something VERY dear to my heart!

I've been purging my supplies and freecycled a huge box of scrapbooking supplies, plus a huge box of excess tins/boxes and containers that I had planned on altering but have realized that there is NO WAY I will have enough time/energy to complete all the items I have to alter! lol! I dunno where all these tins/boxes etc come from!!!

Box of tins, empty oatmeal containers, prima containers etc

Big box of scrapbook paper, stickers, speciality paper etc. Ok it was Mostly paper!

So far I am up to 10 'things' given away for my 101 in 1001 project item # 39 donate - give away 101 things - freecycle/found art/etc. Shortly I'll be diving more into the scraproom and giving away a printer on freecycle plus more SB supplies and other things as I find them. Anything not given away via freecycle or sent to Cards for Heroes etc will be boxed up and given to charity.

Over the weekend we went to a party on Saturday at our friend Darrells. Whilst there it occured to me that the most expensive item I was wearing was my belt, and even that was only around $10 new! The jeans, tshirt, and shoes were all thrift store specials. Even then the jeans and t-shirt were 1/2 price from the thrift store so pretty much the whole outfit probably around $20!!! I felt great though! Hard not to feel good when you fit in size 4's and find they are just a little 'roomy' :)

In other news on Sunday we went RV shopping. We're not 100% on what we went (size wise) but an RV is pretty much as much as we've narrowed it down. We didn't see anything that we were completely happy with, at least not in our price range ;) We'll be taking a week off during September so we have a little while yet. If we don't find anything then whatever, we'll just do something else. Even if we have a staycation and go out for day trips instead. Pretty much I'll be using that week as a real vacation and won't be blogging at all. That is my promise to myself. Someone hold me to it!


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