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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I bought a couple of bikini's in the early Summer season, being as my existing stuff was too big and I was showing a little more than I planned whilst swimming (not good). Anyway one of them is fine the other however had a white stripe that soon after it's introduction to chlorine went a weird horrible yellow color, like the black dye was running. I was only wearing it at home but still I like to look presentable so I decided to try dying it a different color. After looking at all the options in my local JoAnns I bought a package of RIT purple dye, I chose purple to compliment the purple stripe. I just dunked it in a container with the dye, then rinsed, rinsed, rinsed and rinsed some more. The result is a paler purple stripe instead of the white. I like it, it compliments the black and existing purple. It's not as striking as the white, but I'll definitely wear this a lot now :)

I still plan on altering the old bikini's. Of course I am saying old but I only bought them last September (yikes almost a year ago now! Where does the time go?), they are just a tad on the 'gaping' side. If I was just sunlounging then I wouldn't be bothered, but for swimming well they just aren't snug enough, lets leave it at that.

In other news I went thrifting Friday and got some clothes :) Couple of pairs of jeans (one pair needs shortening but I may just cut em off and fray the ends), some tops and a skirt. The shocking news is that I BOUGHT PINK TOPS! I bought them with a reason though, I have a pair of tan shorts with a pink trim and so wanted something other than tan tops to wear with them so pink it was. Wow, mark this day in history!!! I bought pink. Of course I haven't worn them yet ;)

In other news I am STILL waiting on my Red Cross first aid/CPR certificate :( I called them today and it seems the hold up is with the Parks and Rec so I called them to chase things up, still waiting on an answer from them. It's been 6 weeks! Seriously people are waiting on these things why aren't they rushing them through? I know some of the others in the class were teachers etc so they'd need the certs before school starting I'd imagine? *sigh*



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