Born to Ride!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Regular readers of my blog will know that I'm not you're ordinary scrapbooker, heck I'm not a normal girl either! One of my other hobbies besides scrapbooking, cardmaking, digital, and working out is... dirtbiking. Now I haven't been doing it all that long, maybe 3 years now? But I REALLY enjoy it! I started out with my Yamaha TTR 125cc and I had that a year before I outgrew it. So I upgraded to a Honda 230 CRF, back in January 2008. Unfortunately our nearest area to ride, Rowher Flats burned to a crisp back in fall 2007 when some kid decided that playing with matches in the tinderbox hills of Southern California sounded like a good idea! Idiots! Long story short I've ridden this bike twice since I bought it, until today!

This was me today on my third outing and it's at my old haunt, Rowher Flats, cos after over 2 years of closures for revegetative growth, regrading etc due to the fires it's open again! This is the first week and it's GREAT! We love this place as it's so much closer to our house (30-40 min drive) and totally doable for a morning ride like today. Plus it's where I learned to ride so it's always kinda special for me to go there, be biking along going "I fell off there, and there, and there" lol.

Anyway the bike was great, sooooo great to be able to get out on trails without sand (urgh). And this is pretty much a new riding since I last time I used it as Bob bought some gizmo's to lower the height of it. Because of that I only had problems with it twice today. Once when I just lost it for no reason (not sure what happened) and another time, when I basically got stuck ontop of a hill with a big crater on one side. I hate being shorter than the rest of the group! Also the good thing is that on solid ground I can now know I CAN lift the bike back up when I get into trouble and drop it. Yay! I had no end of trouble picking it up on sand as my feet just slid and I had no leverage. Plus I am lighter now than I used to be! Good side effect of that is that I can fit into my original bike pants from 3 years ago and they are rooomier than they used to be :)

Feeling nice and chilled today from a great ride!


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