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Monday, November 16, 2009

Friday was a busy day, with phone calls to family back home, grocery shopping, working out, cooking and household chores. Amazing how time flies with just general everyday life 'stuff'. Saturday we did the usual stuff. I cleaned the kitchen, Bob tinkered around the house doing his projects.

Saturdays are my day off from exercise so I have a cheat day and don't watch my diet so much. In the evening we went to Souplantation and I nearly lost my wedding ring down the drain :( Yeah I know I lost weight but haven't lost that much recently! I only got this one in September (our 10 year anniversary!). Apparently though the body SHAPE is changing (as happens) and my fingers are much thinner than they used to be. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and when I shook them to get the excess water off before turning and grabbing some paper towel to dry them - My ring flew off, and rolled around the sink! Thank heavens the drain holes were small! Otherwise I'd have lost it. Guess it's time for a new/smaller ring!

Sunday I kept busy busy busy! I started the third phase of P90-X, cut Bobs hair, did some household chores, tidied up my scraproom/office, caught up on some TV and did some creating (sharing that tomorrow). Hopefully the productivity from Sunday continues throughout the upcoming week!!!

Anyway sharing another Boxer card today. Whilst making the card I showed on the blog last week I whipped up another using the same supplies. Always good to have one card to send and another to put aside in the stash for a rainy day :)

More cards soon!



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