Manufacturer Monday - A-Z

Monday, January 4, 2010

I decided to delve right into my stash for this months Manufacturer Monday choice, after deciding that I should be using up all my OLD OLD OLD stash I decided that for January I wanted something that could be used for winter, spring, summer or fall and the papers I decided on were these from A-Z. As the website on the papers is no longer valid I am assuming that they are no longer Manufacturing paper, but if you're like me that doesn't stop you hoarding them in your stash, lol. As I recall I got these from a monthly Scrapbook kit by Scrapologie back in 2006, yikes! I have this problem you see with nice paper designs. I like them so much I never use them... It's a sickness, I can't be the only suffering from this malady either I'm sure. Probably worldwide with scrapbookers!

Anyway I decided that as these papers were almost 4 years old and it was time to put them to work! I had a folder I'd put all our RV camp ground information in so far, and loose leaves for future trips. Hopefully this will be a 'go-to' folder for all our future vacation planning. What better title for this than "Chillin"? Really it made itself...

The whole thing is just a folder with clear sleeves so I just inserted the sheets into the front, back and spine. Love these types of folders, really handy for scrapbooking, and for using as albums. Cheap too! So far there are only two trip information sheets in here but I added lots of loose sheets so I have plenty of room to add more information sheets on camp grounds.

The whole point of Manufacturer Monday is for me to dig into my stash and bring out paper lines I have hoarded over the past 7 years and actually MAKE SOMETHING each Monday throughout the month with those papers. Feel free to join in with either A-Z or something really old from your own stash.

More A-Z next week



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