Fit Friday - recap

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bob has been working late recently trying to get the game up and running for going live, so I decided to switch things up and try some workouts at night instead of my usual mornings. As always mixing up P90X and group classes, with some strength, cardio and resistance training.

Mon 1st Feb

Total Body Conditioning - 1 hour class incorporating Step aerobics with conditioning and core work. I love this style of class, it's just my perfect format. The music used in this class was retro which had the whole class in the zone! Step, weights, cardio, resistance, lots of squats/lunges then some abs on the mat at the end. Great workout. I forgot my HRM so no idea on the cal burn. I'd guess a lot :)

Zumba - having previously tried Zumba and not liking it at all I decided that I'd try a different instructor and the class was right after the TBC above so it wasn't a wasted journey as I was already at the gym. However this was a 1 hour class but I only stayed for 30 minutes. Yep I have come to the conclusion that I do not like Zumba. The music is just blah, not motivating enough to want to workout at all. Sticking by my original impression that I do not like Zumba. I'm more a hip hop hustle, kickboxing, step kinda person and my music tastes for working out are more dance music style, something with a good rockin' beat to it!

Tues 2nd Feb
Kickboxing - I taught Kickboxing again this week. Definitely seeing that this is class more suited to drill style moves. I wore my HRM and burned 446 cals! Sure is a high calorie burner!!!

Weds 3rd Feb
Kickboxing again this morning. As I'll be covering this class during Nikki's maternity leave I am trying to get as much KB practice as possible and trying to get to know the members of the class too. Good class, burned 332 calories!!

Fri 5th Feb
I was going to go to Bosu this morning but in the end it didn't work out so I instead worked out from home. I did some running intervals on the treadmill. Haven't run for a while but I put my knee support on and hit the treadmill alternating  laps at 4mph walk and a 5/5.5/6 mph run. I increased the speed each lap and even at 6mph felt no pain in my knee! Hopefully this means it has finally healed!!!

Mon 8th Feb
Spinning - two weeks since the last spin class. I was prepared this time though with a cushioned seat cover and it made ALL the difference! I was still a little sore the day after in the "girly bits" area, but nothing like last time! I am really starting to enjoy spinning, got my HR up, and burned 407 cals in 55 mins :)

Tues 9th Feb
Kickboxing  - trying to get in as much KB experience as possible before I take over for Nikki's maternity leave and possibly taking over Kims evening class. I also take my KB certificate this weekend so hopefully the extra work put in over the last few weeks will help some!

Weds 10th Feb
Kickboxing - I love this class. It's my favorite time to workout and Nikki just kicks it up a notch every week. This is a class I'll be covering for Nikki's maternity leave. I mentioned that before but I found out HOW pregnant Nikki is this week. She's 33 weeks! Yes you read correctly 33!!! Imagine doing kickboxing at 33 weeks, freakin' awesome and totally inspiring!

Fri 12th Feb
Home workout - ran intervals on the treadmill for 45 minutes, then did some resistance work with weights, then added in some ab work at the end. All told a workout of approx 1hr 20 mins and burned 440 calories.

Diet hasn't been too bad. Had a few meals out but still maintaining my current weight and fat %. I did have a particularly intensive carb day yesterday and have been feeling a little sluggish for it today, thankfully coming out of the carb coma now :) Oh and I am trying to cut out bread for a while. I haven't eaten much bread for a long while really, but on the odd occasion I've had it recently I've had a lot of bloating and abdominal pain with it. I am beginning to wonder if I have either an allergy or IBS or something? Time will tell I guess. Anyway the house is full of lots of good fruits and veggies for the week ahead so I should be making good choices in the future!

Plan for upcoming weeks
I have a kickboxing course to attend tomorrow so I'll be working out I guess at some point tomorrow :) Not gonna count the HRM burn 'cos I figure I'll be up and down throughout the day. Other than that I want to add in a double session or two next week and change things up with some new class formats and times. Eventually I want to teach 2 classes somedays so my fitness level needs to improve on what it is now. As an instructor I won't have to *DO* the whole class, but I should be able to do back to back classes should I need to kwim?

How about you? Mid February is when people start to falter with their fitness and diet resolutions so hang in there! Remember to change for LIFE not just 2010!!! 

If you have any diet and fitness questions just ask away (either in comments or email), and I'll answer them in a future post!



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