Fitness Friday - recap

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here is a quick recap of my past two weeks for diet and exercise.

Saturday 13th Feb
Kickboxing course - I went on a one day course today for kickboxing. Pretty much spent 8 hours alternating between sitting and writing  and being up and active. I pretty much crashed at the end of the evening totally burned out mentally and physically. Not used to these long days and really made me realize that come August when I go to IDEA I need to be fitter!!!

Tues 16th Feb
Kickboxing - After no workout Monday due to the holiday here in America I was raring to go, and so I finally got to Kims kickboxing class. Different teacher to the Wednesday one and different format. More drill and circuit based with some plyometrics. I was worried I'd be in knee pain after but I was ok. Burned 340 cals.

Weds 17th Feb
Kickboxing with Nikki, who it was her last kickboxing class today and took maternity leave. That means I'll be taking over for her for the next couple of months :) looking forward to that for sure! I tried on some boxing gloves today and decided to order a pair of Everlast Pro gloves in 12oz. I like these cos they were black and not the usual pink ones you see women wearing. I've mentioned it before but I really don't like pink that much, and only own 3 items of pink clothing that I wear rarely!

Thurs 18th Feb
Yoga -  Didn't go to the gym, instead I worked out at home and did my Crunch - fat burning yoga dvd. I'd love to do the P90X yoga dvd but it's 50 mins vs 90 and I just didn't have the time for Tony's yoga today. I like the Crunch DVD with Sara Ivanho as there are lots of modifications for beginners, it isn't really fat burning though so the title is very misleading but it's a nice yoga flow to do at home. I did this today as a midweek break without actually taking a break completely from yoga. I did discover though that my flexibility is waning so I need to get back in the habit of do the yoga workouts!

Fri 19th Feb
Bosu Combo class at the gym. Subbing for Alyse today was Mary who I like very much so we had a great class. I'm pretty new to Bosu but it's basically step with a half ball instead of a stable platform. If you haven't seen a Bosu here is a photo of the Bosu balance trainer
Bosu Balance Trainer Home Version
They are great for stability and impact cushioning, and provide a great workout. I do find sometimes that I don't work as hard  on my cardiovascular  system because I am more concentrating on form due to the unstable surface but I feel it more in my legs/abs muscle than regular step for sure due to the isometric contractions to keep you stable. So I guess it's a trade off. Doing stationary exercises standing on the Bosu are tough because your leg muscles are constantly contracting to keep you upright. Love it!

Saturday 20th Feb
Strength class - I taught it, and at short notice so I didn't wear my HRM. We used the step in conjunction with handweights for a total body conditioning workout. Lots of squats, lunges, and upper body work finishing off with abs! Great class and I worked up a sweat for sure. Got lots of feedback after the class too which is always good.

Mon 22th Feb
Bosu Body Blast - back at the gym again today :) Nikki is still teaching this class, and still very pregnant. I think she's 35 weeks now, maybe 36? She is an inspiration to anyone wanting to stay in shape throughout their pregnancy. Again today we were working on the Bosu with hand weights and barbell. I'm pretty 'balance challenged' so the ab work we did on the Bosu was tough for me. I do know that I need to up the weight on the barbell next time though. I am so wanting a Bosu for home use!!!

Tues 23th Feb
Kickboxing tonight with Kim, who ended up team teaching it with Rochelle. Good class and I wore my boxing gloves (above) which really help when whaling on the bags. Definitely work hard in this class especially when Kim teaches!

Weds 24th Feb
I taught kickboxing this morning. Trying to incorporate cardio and strenth with some plyometric options. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though. I am really enjoying the kickboxing though so that really helps with teaching. I really hope to get a permanent kickboxing in the future not just covering for sickness/maternity leave. Fingers crossed for me! At least I get to practice with this class and get some experience again :)

Thurs 25th Feb
Today I did Tony Horton's 1 on 1 "Fountain of Youth" yoga. One thing I hear time and time again about the yoga DVD on P90X is that it's too long, and for a 90 min yoga workout I have to agree. I wish he'd separated it into two 45 min workouts instead and I guess that's where the X-stretch dvd comes in. However today I got a chance to try his 1-on-1 yoga workout. It's 45 minutes long which is optimum for me for a yoga/stretch workout. However if you don't like Tony and his humor or constant yapping then this series is not for you! I think if I do it again I'd do it with the sound off :)

Just when I thought I was going to get away with a nice relaxing day I got a phone call in the late afternoon asking me to sub a strength class. I only had an hours notice so I gathered my stuff, and headed out the door. It was a small class but so much fun! I love the small group training as much as the larger groups and give it my all anyways :) After class I headed for a quick session in the steam room, and then a shower.

Fri 26th Feb
Decided to take the day off today. I've kept busy so far with some much needed cleaning so I guess I'm not exercising but I am keeping active. I still have more cleaning to do but so far I am feeling like maybe exercising for an hour would be easier ;)

This was ok, we ate out a few times which is never good for your diet but we managed to keep it good. Not as clean eating as I'd like but managing to keep it pretty clean Mon- Fri which is my goal anyway. Alcohol consumption has been reduced somewhat with Bob not drinking due to his diet (he's doing really well btw).

Plans for weeks ahead:
I have some new DVDs to look at  so will be reviewing those in a few weeks. Hopefully going to be teaching more in the next few weeks too.

How has your diet and exercise plan been? Make some goals for the week ahead and stick to them! Remember you don't get results without effort!



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