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Friday, August 27, 2010

So one night last week after we'd had dinner at the mall, we went to Forever 21 to see what they had and to hopefully buy something fun and 'trendy'. What happened was upon us going through the doors it seemed we entered a timewarp back to the 80's, just like in Hot Tub Time Machine! It seemed like EVERYTHING in the store was 80's retro! Now I loved the 80's, heck it was my era, the music was great, but the fashion? Well it wasn't so good the first time around, but now they want to do it again?

Romper suits? These should just be BANNED, they should all be burnt in a huge pile then never mentioned again! They suited NO-ONE in the 80's and they still don't now.The reason the model looks pissed of is cos she know's there is no way in hell this thing is going to look good on her! Fashion disaster!

Hammertime! WTF were they thinking? That's all I have to say about these really! Except maybe: SERIOUSLY???? Hahaha sorry now you have the MC Hammer song in your head huh?

Another fashion disaster! There were a lot of skirts like this and dresses! (Shudder) Yep tell you what, for all of us with hips and butts lets draw MORE attention to our lower width by adding ruffles there! Unless you are a twig this does not look good, hell even if you are a twig this doesn't look good! Save this for bridesmaids dresses, they are meant to look ugly!

There were so many more fashion horrors instore but it seems they are not on their website, I guess they are transitioning to Fall/Winter season clothes. But trust me if you go in right now it's like 80's flashback all over again!

The only look I liked from Forever 21 retro fashion flashback is the punk look. Yep the Olivia Newton John rocker chick look is back at Forever 21. Or the Joan Jett look I guess depending which era you prefer? Which is maybe where all this trend is from due to The Runaways movie being this years music DVD. (good movie aside from poor acting skills again by Kristen Stewart - why do they keep giving her movie rolls?) 

If you want the skin tight vinyl leggings for your rock chick look then Forever 21 has them, only a good look for those with decently skinny legs!

Also with leather look biker style  Jackets to match, I would have bought one of these, but they didn't have one in my size, the small is pretty small!

Coupled together it'd be just like Joan Jett or just like Olivia Newton John in Grease right? You know the scene! The end where she goes rocker chick on John Travolta's ass for "the one that I want" song.

(on a side note: I freakin LOVE this movie! I had the Grease DVD bought for me by the love of my life cos he knows it's one of my favorite movies! If you loved this movie you can get it online now pretty cheap at amazon Definitely worth it!

They have some off the shoulder numbers at F21 but I was disappointed not to see the type in the video above that ONJ wore. I used to have one just like it in the early 80's, you know... when it was first fashionable! Most the off the shoulder stuff now is baggier which may work too, more on that in another post.

So what say you to the 80's retro? Good? Bad? Or ok if selectively chosen?


Anice August 27, 2010 at 1:00 PM  

Di..I am right there with you. The 80's was great when I was there and what's a RaRa skirt amongst friends when you are 15/16 but now..OMG I nearly chuck up when I go in the shops over here at the mo, I'll have to stick to Marks & Spencer for a while longer..Why can't they bring back the 40's style? Now that would be something I'd be happy to give a go!!
Anice x

Di Hickman August 27, 2010 at 3:02 PM  

Agreed! The 40's was classic! Or how about the 20's? I guess some of those fashions from the 20's did come back a few years ago with flares and straight legs.

Also what the hell with the high waisted stuff lately? That looks good on VERY FEW people!!! But then better than looking at butt cracks? lol!

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