Monday Mavens

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Mondays experts in inspiration are as follows:

Denim Chair Slip Cover
I love recycling, making something old new again and crafty blogger "the Klubb"  has reconstructed old jeans to make this chair slipcover. It's an old post but I love the use of recycled jeans! Even when something is old, it can look new! Of course the perfect touch is the dog ;) Check out more pics on the Klubb blog

Yoda Cake
If you haven't already guessed I am a bit of a geek at heart. I like reading, computers and Sci-Fi and I especially like geeky things like this Yoda Cake. Not just for the sheer geek factor but just look at the detail! Any crafter whether sewing/scrapbooking/cake-making whatever surely has to appreciate the detail involved here! This is truly a work of an artist! Full details on instructables.

Self Watering Planter
I like gardening but more than that I like saving money ;) Loving this idea from whamodyne @ Instructables for assembling your own self watering containers from 2L soda bottles! My biggest downfall living in a hot climate is watering plants so self watering containers and drip trays are essential here. Definitely gonna be trying this with my seedling transplants. And for the health conscious, no I don't drink soda but the husband does. I think this could be replicated with those juice/milk quart gallon tetra packs though don't you think?

DIY clothes hangers
Loving this idea from Resign to use old chairs to make clothes hangers! Definitely a good idea if you have broken chairs in the garage and want more hangers! Especially good are the chairs with horizontal slats that would be great for pants/trousers/ties etc! Multiple items per hanger! Always good in my book :) If you have a handyman around or are handy yourself this would be a good do it yourself project!

I thought I'd finish off this Muse/inspiration post with an "inspirational blog to follow":

Recently I found the blog "new a day for 365 days". Marissa said goodbye to traditional stores and declared to refashion her wardrobe everyday for a year with just a $1 a day. I LOVE this concept and honestly it's something I have been thinking of for a long time, remember my 1001 in 101 post (no new purchases for a year!). I like the budget idea as used clothing often isn't cheap in some area's. Especially if all you have is Goodwill! But Marissa is meeting this challenge head on and refashioning DAILY! I only wish I had her determination and drive to do this.... I mean an item a day is a LOT of sewing but maybe an item a week is doable? I especially love that Marissa takes a lot of the cheapest thrift store stuff (usually the very large ugly dresses) and sees something more in them. 

Turning this

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