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Monday, September 27, 2010

Another round of inspiration this Monday to kick off the week! Get creative peeps!!!

DIY Ruffle Asymmetrical Shirt
On Craft recently Erica Domesek shared a tutorial on making this awesome One should ruffle shirt from a regular t-shirt. I have been very into t-shirt refashions for a long time, since a lot of mine no longer fit after losing 30lbs and getting back into shape. I especially love the cutting tutorials (no sew) but this one seems pretty easy and looks awesome! Check out the tutorial on Craft.

Sewing on Cards
I've recently been seeing a lot of sewing on cards again, I guess just like fashion trends in crafting go round and round and something old is new again. I've been thinking lately about doing sewing on cards again so it was interesting to see this feature on Craft recently.

I've been seeing other forms of sewing on cards from just machine stitching, to embroidery to full designs. It's definitely given me the sewing bug for crafting on cards but more than that it's got me thinking of making designs specific for crafting on cards! I think maybe a challenge coming up!!!

Heat Wave Halter
Seem to be on a sewing kick lately with the inspiration and so here is another sewing inspiration on making this cute halter/boob tube from a mans shirt. This was inspired by fashion from Forever21 but done on the cheap (or free if you raid a guys wardrobe). Full tutorial at: My Gramma Said

Specialty Cakes
I'm not much of a baker, or have much of a sweet tooth but thought this was just amazing! There is a Flikr group called Specialty Cakes and the inspiration there is beyond awesome! Check out this octopus cake! Yes this is a CAKE! Talent like this amazes me, it's beyond belief to think this is EDIBLE! It's a work of art! And here I thought my Aunt Sue was great for making a hedgehog cake when I was younger! Check out the group on flikr for more great cakes!

Finally this week I thought I'd leave you with some creative space inspiration...

When I saw this pop up on my google reader I just thought "WOW what a great color for a creative room!". I love the wall color, the furniture and the pops of color. Blues have been my favorite color hues for a while now so this really speaks to me! I've been thinking of painting my room for a while but just cannot decide on a color so it remains white :( Not very creative at all. Maybe it's time to get some paint on the walls??? Check out the allsorts blog for more details and pics of her creative space!


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