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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So I know I said I was gonna be busy tidying/organizing and purging my scraproom/office and I have done a lot in there but we kinda got sidetracked with house cleaning. We decided to move around some furniture and move the pinballs from the garage into the house. Right now it all looks a bit of a state as we are still sorting and purging but things are taking shape! Here are a couple of photo's of the work in progress, in the dark so you can the pinball amazingness :)

This is Rescue 911 and Hook. These are two pinballs I love and are "mine" so hence they are in the dining area? I love Rescue 911 because it's just fun with the little helicopter and 'rescuing' people. Hook is a "project machine" we bought recently but I have always wanted one (along with Adams family) as these were the two pinballs Bob and I used to play in an arcades during our vacations at Skegness water leisure park. Just a little piece of Bob & Di history :)

These three reside in the lounge and from R-L are Whirlwind, Fishtails and Tails from the Crypt. Eventually an arcade machine will go the left of these machines. I am thinking Space Invaders but we'll see...

Yeah I know I know not everyone has pinballs in their houses (ok some of our friends do) but we don't have kids, just dogs so why not enjoy the space and our hobbies? And yes local friends we DO plan on having a pinball party at some point soon!

And onto the randomness part of todays post. This:

It's September right? This was yesterdays temperature! Yes you are seeing that correctly 108 degrees! Saturday was 102, sunday was 106 but the weather forecast was for a cooling trend after the weekend. Guess no-one told the Sun this?

Why is this important? Well I am supposed to run my 1/2 marathon race this weekend! Thinking of moving to the North Pole!!!!


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