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Thursday, September 16, 2010

So lately friends may have noticed I've been trying to get more 'girly', having been a tomboy for most of my life this is pretty new. Especially considering since 1995 I pretty much work workout clothing 24-7 due to my job (and again now I am back into fitness as a profession). But this time I am trying to make more of a separation between personal and business and the way to do that is cosmetics and girly clothes. 

I wear make-up for work obviously (just foundation, powder and mascara usually) but during nights out I am trying to get past my brown eyeshadows and dark rose lipstick. Heck I am even pushing the boat out with nailpolish on occasion (ok ONCE so far!). I guess the point is that for someone experimenting with make-up it can get pretty pricey! I love Clinique and Body Shop products but for experiments they are out my price range. I know there are cheaper brands but I am a stickler for companies that don't test on animals and most of the cheaper brands do (I used to buy a lot of Rimmel in my teens and they test on animals so beware!). Anyway in my shopping trips recently I came across two brands that don't test on animals are really help with those on a budget so I thought I'd share!

Eyes lips face cosmetics or E.L.F are a brand that is new to me but I love that they are available at Target! Pretty much all Americans live near a Target right? lol! Anyway this brand of cosmetics is not tested on animals which is a huge plus for me, and with prices starting at just $1 definitely for the thrift shopper in me!!! I bought a few things from their range at Target, afterall at that price what's not to like? All the products below were just $1 each, except the lipstain in the black packaging which was $2.50 in their more deluxe range I guess?

I haven't tried ALL the products yet, but I have tried a few. 
  • The powder compact  works well but you only need a little as it's quite heavy! A little goes a LONG way with this compact!
  • Eyebrow brush I bought cos I needed one for my mascara which is hitting the end of it's life and getting a little thick. Nice brush for $1 works well
  • Eyebrow and Eyelash gel. Basically a clear coat for your eyebrows or lashes. Can be applied over mascara for a wet look. I like this for taming eyebrows ;)
  • Lip stain, ironically at the highest price it's the item I liked least. Not enough color coverage and I don't like the gel feeling of the gloss. Maybe it's something that will grow on me? The color on looks nothing like the bottle so if you buy one go darker! Unless you want subtle color?
  • Mascara (not shown). I got the dual mascara which has a regular and waterproof end. I like it but it's a little thick, so a brush is recommended to separate the lashes. Or a tip I was told was to drag the brush through a tissue to remove the clumps. This worked for me. Great for keeping in your purse/bag though for touch ups due to it's small size. I prefer Clinique mascara though!
  • Liquid Eyeliner, LOVE this product! (Again not shown in the photo). I love this because the applicator is like a marker pen, which makes it super easy to apply. Back in the early 90's I use liquid liner with those thin brush applicators which went everywhere, these are so much better! And just a buck too!
  • Eyelash curlers, have to say I have pretty long eyelashes anyway but for $1.50 I figured I'd get a set. Haven't mastered the technique for these yet, still learning to be girly like I said! Any tips appreciated!!!
All in all so far I am pretty impressed with this brand., especially considering the price! I still have a load more products to try and will probably check Target every month or so for more great finds! Definitely try them out, for a buck what do you have to lose? Plus some e.l.f products are available on Amazon for those that prefer to mail order :)

New York Color or NYC are another brand I found recently at both CVS and WalMart stores (though they are probably in many more pharmacy type stores like Walgreens etc). Like ELF they are against animal testing and are pretty cheap for the budget conscious. Their prices range from $1 upwards and they do a whole range of cosmetics and tools. When I was looking for a nail polish last year this was the brand I chose (due to color choice & price mostly) so I was happy to see the range expanded at our local WalMart. I picked up a few things to try including loose powder, color correcting concealer and nail polishes. The prices for these were between $1.50 - $5 each which honestly I thought was pretty reasonable.

I've only tried their nail polish (fast drying ones at $2 each) and they are pretty good! Great color coverage, and dries in minutes. I also tried their lip gloss which was pretty good too, not sticky like some. Plus some N.Y.C products are avaible on Amazon

Anyway check these out next time you are looking for cosmetics. Each is pretty reasonably priced and keeps animals happy!


Christine Pethers,  September 17, 2010 at 5:03 AM  

Hi Di havent replied on here before tho I have been reading with interest for a while .
You said about the 'Body Shop' I dont know where you got their stuff from but if there are any bricks and mortar stores there they are probably the same as the UK ones . Here you can go instore and ask for a makeover . They do them for free and will go thru lots of things with you . I went only last year ( I'm 50 now) and they made me feel very welcome as I was a bit concerned re my age . I had let myself go a lot due to domestic and health problems. and really needed a makeover .
I can also recommend any ' Liz Earle' products to you . She doesnt yet do makeup but does do lots of body and face products . She has a website here in the UK , sells on QVCUK and I dont know if she has an outlet in the US . i know she would probably post to the uk . She is very involved in the excema society over here so all her products are suitable for all skin types . She is very much of the same ethos as the lady who ran the body shop . Brilliant products - would heartily recommend them .
I wish you were here in the UK as I would come to one of your classess and ask about excercise with my disabilities .
Anyway goodluck and well donew with how you are changing your life and jugggling things . I love the dogs aswell . I have a border collie / black labrador cross who is as daft as a brush
take care and thank you for all you do
love Chris
ps sorry this is so long - didnt mean to write a book

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