Poorly doggy - canine pancreatitis

Friday, September 17, 2010

So we've been having a few issues with Sky's health lately. Started a couple of weeks ago where she'd go off her food, drink a lot, want to eat grass (nothing new with her) and she'd have a very loud very gurgly tummy. We figured if it didn't clear up we'd take her to the vet, but by the evening she'd be back to normal! Then we'd get the same thing after 2-3 days. Anyway Tuesday after the 3rd of 4th bout of this illness we said it's vet time and off we went to the vet. This episode seemed worse, she had some vomiting, shaking/shivering (usually a sign of pain or discomfort in Sky) and diarhea too. The vet checked her vitals and all seemed fine there, no temperature, and she's alert enough. They drew some blood for a blood panel and gave us some pain releiver and hopefully we'd know more once the bloodwork came back.

Sky looking sorry for herself at the vet :( Poor baby!

Bloodwork came back and her levels of amylase and lipase were greatly elevated. Over five times normal range! This likely meant pancreatitis. Her white blood cells were also elevated which is indicative of pancreatitis too. By this time though she was eating and behaving normally again so we couldn't do the next test for it. Then this morning the tell tale signs were there again, off her food and loud gurgly tummy so I called the vet and in we went for the test. Yep she has pancreatitis!

 Investigating the vet office

The vet gave her some fluids so now she has a little hump on her back till that absorbs into her body, and we have to restrict her food for a day or two to allow her pancreas some rest. Not a problem right now as she doesn't want to eat, but could be an issue later! Thankfully the vet said her case right now is mild/moderate so we have a good chance of this passing with no long term problems :) Fingers crossed!

 Waiting for the vet to come back

One thing that is puzzling us is how this came on. Everything the vet said and I've read online says that the common causes are:
  • overeating - nope they are on a diet
  • eating table scraps - nope they are on a diet
  • high fat diet - nope, I check all their food and it's 5-7% fat content
Another cause though is overweight middle aged dogs. She is a little overweight (but wears it well!) and she's 9 now so age could definitely be a factor! Other than that it could be medication or infections. Metabolic disorders was ruled out on the blood panel they ran. 
She knows this door is the way out! Lemme out!

Anyway, we'll know more in a day or two as to how she's progressing.  Click here to read more information on canine pancreatitis. I'll keep you posted on her progress :)



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