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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So I've not given you all an update on my training and fitness lately so I thought I'd pop in today with all the deets! Regular blog followers will know that in 2009 I started running, I got up to 6 miles then blew my left knee out (well I was blasted into by one of the dogs resulting in my knee hyper-extending). This made ANY exercise tough for a long while whilst I recuperated. I never really got back on track with the running in 2009 and instead chose low impact cardio and weights over running while my knee recovered. Even things like walking and yoga hurt initially but a pressure bandage, ice and rest I got back on track.

At the beginning of 2010 I decided to get back into running but knew I'd have to start over, slow and steady to get my knee used to the mileage again. I began the couch to 5K program at week 1 and went from there. In May I ran my first 5K as a fun run, which was very fun, then did another 5K in June which was a proper race timed event. In July I ran a 10k (6.2 miles) and I'll be honest the thought of running more than a 10K at time seemed impossible, but this meant I was where I was at a year ago before I injured my knee!

Then it was where to go from 10k? Do I continue? Sure I do! By this time friends at work were commenting on races they were running, and events they were training for, so why not continue? After the 10k was training for a 1/2 marathon, that's 13.1 miles! I've spent the last 3 months training for this and despite some setbacks (plantar fasciitis) I completed a 1/2 marathon in training on Sunday :)It took me longer than I originally hoped as I am trying not to run too fast and aggravate my foot further but I did it! Ran the whole 13.1 miles too!

My official 1/2 marathon race is on 3rd October, when I hope to cross the finish line and earn myself a bumper sticker like this...
Yep 10 days to my official 1/2 marathon! Then it's time to re-evaluate the goals I guess!


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