Review: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've thought for some time now about extending my reviews from crafty stuff to regular everyday stuff. As I've mentioned my quest to become more 'girly' and feminine I figured I cannot be the only one in this position so I thought I'd offer reviews on products I am trying. My plan is to buy a product, use it, note results, and then do a review, so the 'girly' reviews may be sparse but I'll try to update monthly with what I'm currently using and reviewing. So onto today's review

Why I chose this product
I admit to being rather a lazy shopper and if I can get everything from one store I am a happy girl, so my skincare selection was basically anything available at Trader Joes or stuff I can get delivered via Amazon (love Amazon and there smiley boxes) and so I came upon Desert Essence brand at Trader Joes and figured I'd try it. The 8fl oz which cost me around $7-8 at Trader Joes. I chose this product because it's 100% natural, 100% vegan (contains no animal products) and is not tested on animals. All great selling points for me.

Product Claims
The extract of Hawaii's fragrant awapuhi plant brings additional softening properties to this gentle, but effective cleanser already rich in soothing extract of goldenseal and essential oil of chamomile. Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil leaves a clean that feels oil-free, and with regular use, helps improve your skin's texture and radiance.

My Opinion
I love this product! If I didn't love it I would honestly say so, but I loved this so much that I bought the larger 32fl oz refill size from Amazon as its MUCH cheaper. I use this daily with a gentle flannel and my breakouts are kept to a minimum (no small feat considering how much I sweat!). Now it does smell a little of antiseptic, but it's a natural smell and not overpowering. Plus you only need a LITTLE each time as it goes a LONG way! The 32oz bottle I bought below has lasted around 8 months so far, and I have just under half the bottle left. Lasts ages!

I really wish I'd known about this face wash in my teens (if it was around then?) as it really seems to suit my skin type leaving my face smooth and refreshed without drying it out. Plus I tend to be a little reactive to some skincare products (another reason I want to do the reviews) so if you have acne prone teens I'd suggest trying this for sure!

Anyway just my opinion on this product :) Next Review: Desert Essence Cleansing pads coming soon!


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