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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Journaling is hard. Even for professional writers, deciding what to say on a layout can be truly challenging, let alone figuring out how to make it authentic, creative, and meaningful. But struggle no more, because help is on the way from Ella Publishing with a brand new e-book called "Journaling that Matters" simple strategies for finding the right words.

Journaling that Matters: Simple strategies for finding the right words (by Angie Lucas and Kelly Jeppson)

Angie Lucas (Ella founder and former magazine editor) and Kelly Jeppson (college writing instructor and freelance writer) join together to co-author this e-book. Journaling that Matters is packed with 51 easy tips to help you write from the heart without breaking a sweat. You'll love the expert advice, inspirational layouts, practical tips, and timeless suggestions that are suitable for writers of all levels—from the most experienced journalers to the most insecure. Kelly, Angie, and their eight talented contributors will help you unlock important stories and tell them with confidence. Also featuring the work of: Linda Barber, Moon Ko, Donna Jannuzzi, Layle Koncar, Audrey Neal, Keshet Shenkar, Wendy Smedley, and Stephanie Wheeler.

What I LOVE about Ella Publishing (other than they have a lot of great staff, including lots of the Simple Scrapbooks Magazine crew, like Angie Lucus and Cathy Zielske) is they give you a little sneak peek online so you get to see what you're buying before you purchase!

This e-book reminded me of the Quizzes & Questions book Simple Scrapbooks published a few years ago, but updated and at around 1/3 the price! Bargain if you ask me! Check it out at Ella Publishing!


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