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Friday, October 29, 2010

Last week I mentioned about dressing for your own personal body shape and thought that this week I'd share my own story. As I mentioned I suffered from "style-shape disorder" for 36 years until I discovered dressing to my shape, below is my personal experience.

For 36 years I was a slave to the habit of dressing for the wrong body shape, not by choice particularly but because of what was available. I was under the impression that as soon as you hit a certain age you had to dress in a particular age group. You go from

Childrens -> Juniors -> Misses -> Womens

It seems rather than dressing for the shape most of us go up a group depending on AGE, clearly wrong! Plus I felt like when I moved into my 30's I couldn't or shouldn't dress like I did in my 20's. There is definitely an age barrier going on all around!

After spending years in ill fitting clothes, in 2008 I accidentally found that junior t-shirt fitted me better than womens t-shirt. They were longer in the body, not so gaping around the armpit, usually snugger in the waist and not to large in the bust. Perfect for my shape! The difference isn't slight either, you can see the difference in the photo below

In 2001 I have on womens shirt and shorts. In 2010 I have on Juniors clothing. In both photo's I am roughly the same weight, give or take 2-3lbs. I think you'll agree that in 2010 I not only look slimmer, but I think I look younger too? Maybe I'm deluding myself on that one ;)

I don't have the average shape of a 38 year old woman (who does?), and a woman's small t-shirt hangs off me in all the wrong places, a juniors large though hugs in the right places and flatters my figure! Since then I've discovered the joys of shopping in the Junior department in stores and having clothing that suits MY shape, rather than thinking I had to dress to my age demographic "supposed" shape.

Don't get me wrong, I lucked out with the occasional outfit but the majority of what I was wearing was wrong on so many levels!

Things I've learned:
  • T-shirts that cut of around the belly button make me look fat
  • longer t-shirts look better
  • Shorts that are more fitted look good on me, flowy shorts look bad
  • long skirts make me look 2 feet tall
  • Long flowy skirts make me look like a teepee with a head.
  • Mid thigh fitted skirts look great
  • cap sleeves suit me
  • long sleeves suit me
  • 3/4 length sleeves are my enemy!
  • I look wrong in dresses, still haven't found the right style yet
  • I look good in 2 piece suits
and lastly
  • Just because something 'fits' doesn't mean I should wear it!
There is a huge difference between things fitting and things fitting and looking good/flattering!

What about you? Have you learned through fashion disasters?


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