Dalmatian Doggy Overdose!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Warning: Cute doggy pics ahead!

So as many of you know Sky has had a few health problems this year, after being diagnose with congestive heart failure she then cam down with pancreatitis and has been on a special diet for a while. I get a few emails and facebook messages asking how the dogs are doing and thought I should post an update. Well I am happy to say it's been over a month now and she's recovered very well. Another year older too but still my little pup-muffin!

Sleepy Dalmatian

This is the view I see from my computer chair! She sleeps by my side on an old comforter that we mistakenly put on the floor one day and she now thinks is her dog bed (even though she has other dog beds!). I'd say it smells of us humans but honestly now it just smells of dog! Of course if I move, or make a noise, speak etc she wakes up and you get this sleepy little face...

I think all dogs dream right? Anyone with dogs knows they must! With all the little twitches and their legs running in their sleep. Too funny, Bob and I love it :) They sure do sleep heavy sometimes though! Does anyone elses dog stick their tongues out in their sleep? Both of ours do this!

It's funny right? Ours do it ALL THE TIME! Just the end slips through the teeth as they sleep, super dry it is too! So when she finally wakes up and realizes her tongue is dry she licks her lips to get some moisture on it.

And of course we DO have TWO Dalmatians, though most days you wouldn't know it. Sky is totally Mommy obsessed and attached to me like velcro, River only follows you around when you have food! Otherwise forget it, not coming to see where you are, I know you're in your office on your computer or doing your scrappy stuff... I'm gonna sit in Daddys seat on the sofa :) Keeping it warm for when he comes home! Cos she LOVES her Daddy!

Yep and if he's late home, she'll get up around 7.30 and wait at the front door for him. It's funny cos we as owners never picked favorites, the dogs chose for us! lol!

Anyway hope you enjoyed the doggy love today, I know a lot of you have kids that LOVE the doggy pics ;)

Di, Sky & River


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