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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ive been thinking a LOT lately about Health & Fitness, yeah it's my job and my passion, but mostly thinking about my own personal fitness journey and where do I go from here. I'm not the type of person to feel comfortable for long I like to push myself, try new things and education has always been a huge factor for me in all aspects of my life not just my career. It's with all this in mind that I have decided to take down my fitness blog for a while whilst I redesign it.

I initially started my fitness blog with a view to documenting my running, but as always with me my plans got bigger than that! Why not make it educational? Why not share the stuff *I* have learned via personal experience and studying about health, fitness, nutrition, diet, exercise and more? There are SO MANY health & fitness blogs out there that are full of misinformation or simply aren't catering to the everyday person. People who are on a budget, people with a family and commitments, people struggling to make better choices and simply wanting inspiration and motivation.

What started as a twitter thing has launched into a facebook page and now I've decided is that for the next few weeks I am going to redesign the whole fitness blog (maybe with a new url if I can think of something catchy, lol) but I want something that promotes ME as a brand, as a leader in the industry and something my personal training clients can go to. Ideally using this as a jump start into online personal training. All whilst helping others find that same passion I have for leading a healthier lifestyle. Naturally a great time to launch this would be Dec/Jan when the New Year resolution madness begins... So I better get busy!

If anyone has any comments, ideas or suggestions for website names I'd love to hear them!


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