Happy Barkday! 8 yrs today!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So as many of you will know we have two dalmatians, Sky & River. Pains in the butt at times, but totally the loves of our lives, love them to bits :) Well today is their Barkday! As they were adopted from the local shelter we have no idea exactly how old they are so we celebrate their adoption day (Barkday) which is today!!! 8 years ago we went down to the local shelter to pick up our spotty monsters and we've hardly been apart since :)

For those that haven't been introduced, first up is Doggy #1 - River. She was my choice to adopt when we went to the shelter, loved her expressive brown eyes and alert ears. She loves food, walkies, food, Daddy, food, sleep and food, in that order ;) Did I mention the food? Yeah she's a little food obsessed and those that have met her in person will know, she drools!

River Oct 2010

And then there is Doggy #2 - Sky. Our little Sky Rocket in Flight. Always looking kinda timid and afraid but SO loving! Probably the runt of the litter cos she's petite. And the ears, lol! Her favorite things are: walkies, Mummy, chasing squirrels, Mummy, chasing birds, Mummy, chasing gophers, chasing River, Mummy, playing with stuffed toys, de-stuffing toys... Yeah she's a little Mummy obsessed and I cannot sit on the sofa without a spotty blanket over my lap ;) She's my 50lb lapdog!

Sky Oct 2010

Hard to imagine that had we not adopted them that weekend back in October 2010 they wouldn't be alive now :( They were both on their final weekend up for adoption at the shelter so they literally owe us their lives. Scary to think about it!

Anyway it's October and it's National Adopt a Shelter Dog month. If you are looking into maybe getting a pet, please adopt from your local shelter! Too many animals are euthanized every day just because they cannot find enough homes for these babies! If we had more room trust me we'd have more pets, they fulfill your lives in ways you can't imagine. Don't go to breeders or pet stores please adopt! 


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