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Monday, October 11, 2010

Time for another round of weekly inspiration from around the web!

I think I've shared a tutorial for these box style bags before, but I HAD to share these simply because of the material! So scrapbook paper material right? I LOVE this print! It makes me happy! You can see these and more on The Sweet Life blog, and check out her Etsy store too!

Nancy's Couture blog has a tutorial to make this travel trash bag. Again I LOVE the material she used! Simple design but brightens up the back seat of any vehicle. This would be a good design too for old pillowcases wouldn't it?

On the swell life, Alexa shows us some fun ideas to decorate fall pumpkins. There are a few designs on her blog but I LOVE this sequined pumpkin! I think it goes really well with the white pumpkin don't you? Love!

On Michele Made Me blog, Michele shares her feast of the flower series, a group of posts dedicated to making your own flowers. My favorite was this crochet flower she made using a tutorial from allcrafts. I am gonna make some of these for sure!

Last week I shared Frugal Fashionista, a blog about copying the styles of the rich and famous - but for less money, and this week I am sharing a new site called Wardrobe diaries. Basically this site provides inspiration for the working woman on a budget with great idea's for outfits. Now I personally think some of these outfits work well for casual wear too, not just work! Also I think their version of a budget doesn't meet up with my version of budget! $90 for shoes, and $70 for a bag just isn't in MY own budget! But I like the concept! 

More inspiration every Monday!



Sabrina Mix October 12, 2010 at 9:12 AM  

Hi, Di!

Loved your inspirations!



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