Fashion Friday - celebrity body doubles

Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrities are big leaders in the fashion/trend industry. They spend big bucks on profesional stylists to tell them what looks good, so why not steal a little of that experience and use them to tell you what looks good on YOUR shape?

Now I'm not saying we should take the EXACT look of those celebs we admire or aspire to look like, no! Instead think about the shape you are now... go on go to the mirror and take a LONG LOOK at your overall shape... do you have...
  • Larger hips? or narrow boney hips?
  • Large, medium or small bustline?
  • do you have a slim waist or enough muffin top to fill a bakery shelf?
  • How wide are your shoulders?
  • Long body, long legs or evenly distributed?
One size doesn't fit all so you can find 4-5 celebrities (or more) that will fit your shape and that's good too!

When I went on the search for my celebrity body double to get some hints on what would look good on MY body I took a good honest look at my shape and tried to find a celeb with a similar body type: Athletic, small bust, small hips, no distinctive waist & lean. Yes, yes you may THINK that all clothes would look good, but trust me so NOT the case! A few of my celeb shapes are below

I tend to draw more from the kick-ass woman type of fashion but willing to expand more as I age and try new looks. I LOVE the sporty look too (ha go figure) and need to get more comfortable in my body to try the crop top and pants outfit. Ideally I'd love Gwens body and look. She has always made a lot of her own clothes, which I LOVE about her. But she has a feminine look but kick your ass look to her! Milla of course is just kick-ass actress, I love strong women in films! Jackie warner I like, but she can often look a little butch for my tastes. 

When you pick your celeb shape doppleganger be sure to do a google search for them, click images and check out the outfits. What works? What doesn't? What do you like/dislike? What styles should you look out for in future?

One celebrity I got tuned into fashion wise recently is Mary-Louise Parker (from Weeds). She also has a similar body type to mine and her character in Weeds is usually dressed casually so I get some idea's from that. 

In Weeds she wears a lot of halter tops which I never really tried before but since have bought a couple and they look GOOD on my shape!

So find your body double, check out their style and see what fashion tips you can pick up!



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