Fashion Friday: review your wardrobe

Friday, November 12, 2010

So I've been going through a few posts recently on fashion and how age doesn't matter, we should dress for our shape and all that good stuff. One thing I haven't touched on is our current wardrobe. When I lost 20lbs I found that a lot of my clothes were too big, so I sorted through my wardrobe and I tried EVERYTHING on.

The key I found to trying on the clothes, is to look, really look, at how something fits you. Is it hugging in wrong spots and gaping at others? Have you held onto clothes too long, past fashion disasters that need to be laid to rest? Or is it simply a matter of something is just plain past it's useful life in your closet? Or, is it something you've bought and never worn? Something that you just don't like anymore? I am here to tell you... it's ok to let it go!

We all have those things living in the back of our wardrobes right? The ugly dress you wore to your prom that you can't bear to part with, or how about the 'fat pants', or maybe you're like the cartoon above with different wardrobes for different weights? Time to let it go! Get rid of anything you don't love, and anything that doesn't make you feel fantastic! I say:
  • NO MORE to wearing stuff just because it fits (or doesn't as the case may be).  
  • NO MORE to wearing clothes that don't boost our confidence!
  • NO MORE to clothes that wear us, rather than the other way around!
It's time to take back that space in the closet and fill it with clothes we LOVE and that love us in return by making us look and feel wonderful! 

Challenge for the weekend is to go sort through your closet and discard at least 5 pieces of clothing to donate to charity, or save for a refashion project!


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