Thrifty Thursday: crafty finds edition

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So as regular readers know I'm more than a little obsessed with thrift stores. I do the majority of my clothes shopping at thrift stores. LOVE THEM. I like the feeling like I'm getting a bargain, doing my bit for the environment but mainly it's the thrill of the chase. I'm the great hunter, tracking down that one thing in the store that's there for me! If you're a thrifter like me you'll know sometimes you find a ton of stuff, other times you leave empty handed, but on occasion you find true treasures!

Tuesday I had a few errands to run, grocery shopping to do, and while I was out I figured why not stop by the thrift stores? I was passing by anyway it seems rude not to stop in. So I stopped by Goodwill (more details on that trip next week) and Simi Thrift Store. When in Simi Thrift I did something I don't normally do, I looked around the non-clothes section. The housewares etc. On a high shelf I spotted some photo albums and then this...

Another album? Maybe? Pretty cover though! I reached up to get it off the shelf for further inspection. Wouldn't open up, then I noticed this....

A clasp? Weird for a photo album no? So I slipped the clasp open and it unfolded like a book :)

It's a keepsake card holder. There are a couple of spots on the right for cards the slip of paper says and a ribbon holding the left side shut. Obviously I took a look!

Nice big space for larger cards? But really what do you see? Is it the same as me? I see POTENTIAL!!!! Totally digging the boxers for cards! But really the options are endless right? We crafters see beyond the original use for things don't we ;)

There was a loose price tag on the item which read $1.98 which I was sure wasn't the right price. But I took it to the desk to ask. The lady behind the counter said that she'd have to ask as the price sticker wasn't attached securely and may not be on the correct item. I did make sure to point out some damage on the front cover....

But we crafters can cover up things like that! I'm thinking a metal photo corner would cover that nicely! If not, it's "distressed" already right?

She asked her boss and her boss came back with a price.....

Did I still want it? Heck yes! $3 for this flocked fabric card holder box thing? Yes please! Now what to do with it? My immediate thoughts were for a Wedding keepsake box for all our wedding memorabilia back in 1998.

Just posting this to say that thrift stores are MORE than clothes and furniture! Go see what you can get to alter!

What would you do with it? 

It's fairly big 12" high, 9" wide and 4" deep (when closed).


Sabrina Mix December 3, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

Really good purchase, Di!

I'd like there were thrift store in Brazil. *sigh*



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