Fashion Friday: Styles we covet

Friday, November 19, 2010

I mentioned yesterday about my recent thrift store excursion and that I scored at Goodwill for the first time in a long time. I have a longer post coming about the clothing but today I wanted to mention one item I bought that struck a chord with me. This bag...

I have something of a bag issue when it comes to fashion. I just love bags. I like having bags for all occasions and when you buy them at thrift stores you can afford to have LOTS ;) But the reason I wanted this bag goes beyond just liking it. This bag epitomizes all things "girly" for me. something regular readers know I am struggling to bring into my life. I love the shape, the style, the off-the-shoulder look and mostly I think it's this:

I just know that Bob is going to be reading this and thinking "who are you, and what have you done with my wife?"! You see I abhor bling! I don't like sparkly, but this, I admit, I kinda like! Does this mean the 'girl' gene in me is getting switched on? lol! 

For me this bag represents a group of women we all look at and hate for being 'perfect'. You KNOW the ones I mean right? All huddled together, shopping in the mall, perfect hourglass figures, pert boobs and butts, legs to die for, awesome hair/teeth/make-up, confidence in bucketloads and always toting a bag like this. The ones who look like they roll out of bed looking better than I'd ever appear even if professionals gave me a makeover! Those women. Mrs/Ms perfect.

I'm never gonna have the perfect ass, boobs, make-up, teeth, wardrobe, or the confidence that those chicks have, but godamnit I have their bag!


Oh and for those wondering, here is the price I paid for the bag, and in fact all bags I've bought at Goodwill as they are all one set price ;)

Suck on that Mrs Perfect!


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