CARaoke Party

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday night we went to an 80's themed Karaoke party. Dressing up wasn't compulsory but encouraged and  as we LOVE the 80's we had to embrace that and totally dress up! Bob went as George Michael (faith era) with the jeans, white tee and 'leather' jacket. I went generic 80's.

You remember neon colors being all the range in the 80's right? I even had the side ponytail too, backcombed of course!

As the evening was all about the singing how about some singing pics? Here is my favorite of the evening of my man ;) I think this was him singing A-ha's "Take me on".

The above pics were taken by Bobs boss Rachel (thanks Rachel!). I took some others of the gang including this one of the team belting out some rock hit from the 80's. As you can see the costumes were pretty good!!! They don't normally dress like this, though are equally as crazy!

Such a fun night, we sang, we danced, we socialized and had so much fun! One thing this night made me realize is that Bob and I need more costumes like this for themed parties and we need to get organized earlier

Stay tuned for a full breakdown on my outfit made on the CHEAP! I think my whole outfit cost $10 all the other stuff I had in my closet already.


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