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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back when I worked in the fitness industry in England during the 1990's I decided to hold a charity event, a step-a-thon. 5 hours of sponsored step for the Starlight Foundation. I coordinated with the managers at Queen St Leisure Center in Derby, and they gave me the downstairs function room to hold the charity event. And so I marketed my event, got lots of sign ups then set about planning the details. It was a lot of work but very enjoyable! Each participant got a certificate for completing the event and a t-shirt =)

It's awful that looking back now I cannot even remember the year, let alone the month! I wasn't as good at documenting stuff as I am now and this was the days before blogs (yeah there was such a time, weird to think now huh?). For the timeline I would estimate this at around 1998 -1999. I did the whole 5 hours with a knee support on my left leg as I was having lots of body wear & tear issues during this time, but that's another post for another day!

As I recall there were approximately 20 of us signed up for the event, including my mother! She didn't do the whole event due to health problems but we planned on her doing 3 hours I think, and I remember she completed the whole thing! Go Mom! Many of these girls were class members of mine from Queen St Leisure Center, Springwood Leisure Center and Lady In Leisure all in Derby, UK.

It's funny to look at the photo's of me during this time. This was at my career peak. I was teaching 22 classes a week plus I had a few personal training clients also. Looking at these photo's though and looking at me NOW over 10 years later, I look MUCH better now. Sure I'm not teaching as much but I work out a lot still. The difference is that I don't go crazy EVERY class! I TEACH & I INSTRUCT and I have a better diet. Again all things for another post another day!

In every class, and usually always in step. there is one gal going the wrong way. I love how this gal got caught on camera but totally didn't care! To me this is fitness classes. Just ENJOY it! No-one cares if you go the wrong way, or are out of step. Just enjoy it, have fun and feel successful! Life is way too short to get caught up in the synchronized step classes mentality.

Have you done any charity fitness events?

Step-a-thon? Sponsored event? Ran a marathon for charity?

Share your experience!


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