80's themed costume on a budget

Friday, December 10, 2010

I mentioned recently that we'd been to an 80's themed Karaoke party and that I dressed the part on the budget. Today I thought I'd share how I did that. My outfit is below.

  • For the skirt, I had a longer black lycra skirt that I hitched up inside and safety pinned in place for the evening. It worked!
  • The Leg warmers are actually sleeves I cut off an old sweater, just cut around the armhole and step into them. No need to worry about the edges, it's a one off costume!
  • The t-shirt I originally bought for 99c at a thrift store, bright pink it fit my color scheme so I took a pair of scissors to it for  a low slung off the shoulder look. Underneath it I wore a black tank
  • The blue 'gloves' are actually childrens leg warmers I picked up at the 99c store, just cut a slot for my thumb and voila!
  • I picked up a matching belt at the 99c store, black with pink stitching. Bonus is I can wear this anytime!
  • For my hair I opted for a side ponytail, backcombed to hell (teased to you Americans) and lots of hairspray. I added a pink accent to the pony using the cut up neckline of the t-shirt. Waste not want not!
  • I wore my black heels I bought previously from thrift store, I love these shoes!
Gloves and belt were 99c each at the dollar store. Bangles: $3.99 and Pink Fishnets: $4.99 from Party City so a total cost of under $11.  We had a great night and I was happy knowing I hadn't spent a fortune on clothes I probably wouldn't wear again. 

If you have a themed costume party to go to this holiday season think outside the box! Hit the thrift stores, garage sales and freecycle and see what you can pick up to celebrate on a budget!


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