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Saturday, December 10, 2005

What's on my mind?
  • Ok how about the fact I shall be 34 on Friday :) I plan a BIG blowout at Treasured Memories (my LSS - well not that local, there is one nearer but its crap). They have 20% off for birthday girls so I have my coupon ready :) Saturday will be the food celebration at follow your heart, with chocolate raspberry cake (yummy!), and scrapbook safari shopping trip too! I don't NEED anything but hey they have different stuff to TM.
  • How about the fact that I get my new books from amazon.com on Monday :) Ali E, Cathy Z, and Donna D (journal book) are shipping and headed to me as I type!
  • How about the fact that in 14 days we'll be picking up Bobs parents, and sister from the airport! Haven't seen his parents for 5 years! Since we moved to the US. 14 days and they STILL haven't sorted out any travel insurance! Now I know where Bob gets his procrastination habits from! I am so looking forward to them coming, not for my sakes (guests are a lot of work!) but for Bobs sake! I think he is really looking forward to them coming and showing them how different our lives are now. He is the baby afterall :)
  • How about the fact that men are impossibly difficult to buy presents for? I seriously have no clue what Bob really wants/needs giftwise. I have Yule gifts sorted I think (we celebrate Yule, and Christmas) but I really want something 'nice' for him to open christmas morning as everyone (his parents/sister) will have lots of gifts to open. I have one thing I know he kinda wants and he may end up with that for the sake of having it. I say that he's hard to buy for BUT the poor guy has to get me birthday/yule/christmas all in the same month! But hey anything craft related (both kinds) and I'm happy.
  • How about the fact that I have five people to cook for Christmas day, and I am a hopeless cook? I'm not the worst by any means, but you can usually tell I'm cooking from the swearing. Seriously I swear terribly when I'm cooking. A hopelessly clumsy person is not the best person around open flame (gas cooker), running water, or glasses. We are on our third set of glasses since moving her 5 years ago! And our second set of crockery. I have more burns than I can count (yet I have about 5 oven mitts!) and I have probably dropped food on the floor more times than I care to remember (we have dogs though, automatic vacuum cleaners!).
So all that, topped off with the fact that I am not ready in the slightest for guests yet. Lots of cleaning and tidying to do, and I have to pack up my scrapbook supplies (cry) and get the guest bed out. In all this bedlam I am also trying to scrapbook, do my photography, agility with the dogs, and follow my spiritual path. Did I mention I can't juggle?


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