Day 21 of the 21 day challenge

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wow so its 21 days ago that we all started this! And now I have a complete album! Well almost! I actually have 2 pages left to fill, which I will title "what I have learnt" and "where to go from here". I'll do those pages this week. If I take ONE thing from this challenge its that once I put my mind to something I CAN do it! Creating one thing a day isn't difficult. Keeping to lists isn't difficult. And I have challenged myself a LOT over the past 3 weeks (thanks to this and other challenges) and I am better for it. Plus I have created. I really hope to continue creating every day, even if its a small item, or just writing in my journal or on my blog. Heck even just playing around in photoshop (yep I said photoshop not my trusty PaintShopPro!) SOMETHING every day, that's personal to me. I also hope that my journalling on layouts becomes more personal. And I am truely inspired to get back on track with other personal challenges that I've let slip. Thanks Rhonna! You are such an inspiration!


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