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Sunday, April 16, 2006

When we were wee....

For me it was *I*. I am an only child, just me. As such I had an active imagination (as most kids do), and a thirst for learning. I used to read A LOT. I had (and still do) the knack of "turning off" the real world and immersing myself into a book, or TV, whatever held my attention at the time. I can still do it now, just shut out everything else and engross myself in something.
I loved art (and still do). Coloring books, Reading, playing with friends. The innocence of playing in the street when no-one worried about getting abducted, cos your local area was safe. Going to school and having morning milk breaks, and afternoon naps. Finding joy in playing with sand and water. Modelling with playdoh. Playtime where you pretended to be Charlies Angels running around the playground after "bad guys". When the only worry you had was the closet monster or the one under your bed. When your life was scheduled and you didn't mind.
I miss it. The schedules, not the closet monster (though I still can't sleep with the door open!). The routine. Something I'm trying to implement into my life right now is some routine. Not working really throws you for a loop when you have all day to do 'stuff' then rarely acheive anything. At least when you were young every day was different, new and exciting things to learn. I miss that.


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