Friday, July 14, 2006

I got tagged by SusieQ from the Memory safe

7 people that I admire
- my Husband
- my mother
- my grandparents
- Scrapbookers who scrap about themselves
- Cathy Z, Ali E, Donna D and other scrapbookers that just "speak" to me
- Tara Whitney (the photography just moves me what can I say)
- Madonna (just love the work ethic!)

7 things I say often
- dude
- No! naughty dog!
- damn its hot!
- Ooooh pretty! (usually when looking at scrapbooking stuff)
- "so I said"
- "so he said"
- I sing alot!

7 things I cannot do
- two things at once!
- be careful!
- play a musical instrument
- make decent yorkshire pudding
- just buy one sheet of patterned paper!
- give up paper scrapping for digital - both is a good compromise ;)
- talk slowly

7 things you might not know about me
- I used to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer
- I am a so-so cook, despite all my efforts
- I'd rather be scrapping than housework
- I'd rather be doing ANYTHING than housework
- I've been on TV multiple times
- I love fruits and veggies
- I'm a vegetarian

7 movies I enjoyed
- the matrix (all of em)
- X-men (yet to see the third but I never met a mutant I didn't like!)
- Anything with Adam Sandler (fav is happ gilmore)
- Anything with dogs (last one was 8 below, great movie)
- Anything thats animated (except Anime!)
- Musicals
- Disney stuff

7 things I wish I could change in my life
- my forgetfulness
- my mouth running off at times
- my forgetfulness
- my ability to ramble
- my memory
- my taste in men before Bob
- my lack of memory

7 books I have read and would read again
- cathy Z "clean & simple"
- cathy Z "clean & simple the sequel"
- BHG "design secrets"
- Ali E "designers eye for scrapbooking"
- Stacey J "big picture scrapbooking"
- Simple scrapbooks Magazine
- I haven't read a real book in so long!!!

7 people who should do this!
- all my DT buddies!
- you, the lurkers, I see you!

tag you're it!


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