Product Review - UHU adhesive

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

About two weeks ago I was blog hopping and found this, signed up and received my UHU adhesive last week. In my package I received the glue roller and the glue pen:
  • The Glue Roller - permanent adhesive. The UHU website says: it is acid-free and solvent free; in has a micro-dot glue pattern meaning a clean break, no stringing; bonds paper,cardboard, photos, plastics, glass; dries quickly and permanently; adjustment screw for constant tension on tape; contains 12m;
  • The Glue Pen - forumalated to dry fast and not run; pen design allows delicate glue placement; fits in narrow tool trays; strong non-toxic and washable; will not wrinkle paper
When I received the products I was delighted I got the roller, by far these products are my favorite adhesives, the glue stick I wasn't bothered either way, I knew I'd use it on projects but not as much as the roller... well thats what I thought! I used the roller on a couple of layouts and loved it, I knew I would so no big surprise there. The little dots work great and no stringy mess when you're lifting the roller off the paper. I had an altered project to do and thought I'd try out the glue stick. I will state here and now that I LOVE this stick! I used it on the altered project on paper, and cardstock. Then I tried it on a layout, on photo's, paper, cardstock, and ribbon. I am loving it! I used it on a variety of paper thicknesses and none wrinkled! That had been a major thorn in my side with other wet adhesives. The glue stick has a chisled end, just lightly squeeze the tube and just "roll" along the edge of the paper and the end smears out a layer of glue. BUT the great thing is it dries really quick! You can apply the glue, apply to the project, smooth down the edge and thats it, its dry! I think I have used it on every project since that day! I have a new favorite adhesive - The UHU glue stick! Definately recommend these to any scrapbooker!


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