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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my scraproom, my studio, my spare room. Its my creative haven. I posted pics yesterday on the photo blog of my table and desk. I'm constantly amazed at how untidy this place gets! How can I possibly THINK about decorating or anything when its THIS messy! My biggest problem is color. How to make the colors all mesh. I picked Red as an accent color, as my embellishment units were Red, my sizzix is Red, and well because I like Red! Its all one sided though, I need more Red, maybe some Yellows, and Orange. I need color especially on the opposite side where i have my sofa and shelves. The sofa needs a throw and cushions. I am totally blaming BonnieRose for this need to get my studio together! Her blog photo's of her emerging studio have me yearning for color, decoration and order. I mean the weird thing is I'm not a girly girl, I don't like a lot of fancy schmancy, yet for in here I feel I NEED it. Is that weird or what? I'm also blaming the new car! Its red!
Yesterday I popped into "Big Lots" and I bought some MM embellishments. All on offer at $1!!! I got some packs of hinges, letterbox alphas, and all $1 a pack! I'll be going back again in the next week to see what else they have in! Anyway, I also bought some maroon oven gloves, and kitchen towels. Its fall, winter is coming, and I'm feeling a need to get all homely? It was kinda overcast and misty this morning, chilly too, maybe the weather?
I've also noticed something with my scrapping recently... I'm into altering lately. Something I go through phases of. I have 3 things right now I'm in process of altering! Crazy!


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