'Ere Ear!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

So here they are... before and after photo's of the ear. Gotta say that it doesn't hurt that much! Nothing like the last time! And no woozy medication that makes me go all loopy! Bob took this one last night, just unwrapped it and applied the ointment. And here is the lump on the 6th of Oct. It was gradually getting bigger and bigger, and there was a feeling of pressure in it. It was totally growing back though! I looked at the original lump today and it was totally the same area! Guess fingers crossed this time!
I'll be getting Bob to take more pics as the days/weeks go on. I slept fairly well considering (2 beers last night helped!), but I like sleeping on my left so that was out last night! Unfortunately we have a wedding tomorrow! Both of us are stuffed up with colds, and I have this ear 'problem. Guess we'll see how we are tomorrow! I gotta go scrapbook! lots to do!


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