sick sick sick

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sick sick sick... Bob is off work sick. I'm now sick. Blah. Then today I had a dermatologist appointment. Wasn't expecting them to do anything today! Well I had a pre-cancerous lump frozen on the bridge of my nose, and my ear lobe slice and diced. If you've seem the photo blog you'd have seen this photo of my ear. In 2004 I had a huge lump on the lobe, which turned out to be a granuloma. Tests for sarcoidosis (negative) and well basically they hacked it. They made a mess. And to top that the damn lumpy ear grew back! Well the dermatologist today said he thinks its vascular, guess we'll see as he took a chunk of it out! Have gotta say it looks lots better! And its full of meds which discolor it. Yep it hurts a little now but it does look much better! Can't wait to see it in a couple of weeks! Should get the biopsy results in a couple of weeks. Will post some pics during the recouperation.
In other news I got a TON of work to do! Got a goodie box today from Treasures to Scrap! Sponsor goodies for the next 5 months :) brightened my day a little..


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