Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We had our first meeting today on marketing. I'm part of this group that Julie Ann is hosting, on marketing. This is an area I need HELP in. I can big up other people but self-promotion I just can't do! I hate to talk about myself, and my art. See that was tough there, putting me and art in the same sentance! I need to work on this bigtime!

Today I received Ali Edwards newsletter, from which the following jumped out:
Self-doubt is one of the biggest obstacles to creativity. It holds you back. It makes you question yourself and wonder that old "good enough" question. And this is before you even step foot into the comparative "she is better than me" dimension (she being anyone you compare yourself to).
This is the problem I have. I compare myself to other people! All the time! I need to get more comfortable being me. Being happy with what I create, and to stop comparing myself to others. If we all created or liked the same thing it would be a pretty boring place! I need to stop thinking that rejection of my work is personal because so often in this industry it's not! It is just hard when you put yourself "out there" for critique.

I'm finding lots of doors opening right now... which to walk into? How many can I open without creative burn out? Is it possible to do everything? How much can I handle?


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