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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Last night we chatted with Barb Hogan at Crafty Keepsakes! Great chat! Barb is the DT leader/co-ordinator for Imagination Project (and on a few other teams too!). Such a packed resume! Anyway we were all chatting last night, and as usual when we get chatting the topic goes off on a tangent which resulted in todays challenge! Wedding photo's! I have yet to scrap my wedding photo's. Mostly because I'm afraid I won't do them justice. They aren't beautiful by any means but they are unusual ;) We got married in a hot air balloon, over Las Vegas. This is us in the balloon, with the preacher, and the pilot. That small basket fit 6 people in it! You don't see the photographer and videographer!
And this one is us, up, up and away! Just after the "man and wife" part. Yep it was beautiful! Loved it and would definately do it again (the balloon part not the wedding!). At least I could be a bit more comfortable and not in a dress! So there you have it, a couple of our wedding pics. I really should get the photo album out and scan them into the computer as a back up (we have negatives don't panic!). Plus I always scrap with copies rather than originals. Who knows, one day you may see them on a scrapbook page! Enjoy!


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