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Friday, October 20, 2006

I was tagged by Didi yesterday but I'd alreadly blogged so doing this today instead :) FIVE random things related to the number 5 and 5 weird things about me!
Random 5 things:
  1. I am on 5 Design Teams now. Crafty Keepsakes, ScrapStreet, Scrappy Chick, and Treasures to Scrap (x2 cos digital + paper teams!).
  2. 5 letters in my name! Diane!
  3. I currently have 5 RAKs to send out, 2 are ready to mail (must get them in the mailbox today!); 1 is labeled just needs assembling; 1 needs labelling; and 1 is sitting on the floor unpackaged!
  4. I currently have 5 different adhesives out on my scraptable: 2 tape runners (removable and permanent); glue stick' double sided tape and a glue pen.
  5. fingers and toes on each hand ;) ... what? I couldn't think of anything else!
Weird things about me:
  1. Just 5? Hmmm what to pick? Well I am always getting my words the wrong way round. Quite hilarious at times!
  2. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day: Flax flakes, with dried cranberries, chopped walnuts and soy milk... YUM!
  3. I hate wearing the color pink, I don't own one peice of pink clothing yet with scrapbooking supplies I don't seem to care! I got plenty of pink stuff!
  4. I'm a compulsive list-maker! I like to have everything planned out.
  5. I love watching "funniest animals" and the "funny home video's". I just can't not laugh!

5 people I tag to do this:
  1. Lucy - Crafty Keepsakes Forum Godess!
  2. Rebecca - One of the new DT members for Crafty Keepsakes
  3. Terry Treasures to Scrap DT!
  4. Breanna - Treasures to Scrap DT and currently sick with Strep :(
  5. You! The blog lurker! You know who you are!


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