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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Creating Keepsakes November 2006. Don't you love the cover? I do! Totally my style! Clean lines, love me some clean lines! Anyway I'm devouring this issue today. Popped into Vons this morning and was actually looking for the New Simple Scrapbooks but alas its not out yet, so I got CK instead ;) Evertime I get a magazine or book about scrapbooking I get inspired! The colors in this one make me inspired to create a digital kit (I even got some paper out and sketched out some ideas!). Its not just the articles and layouts in the magazines though its the adverts, yes all the new yummy stuff coming out soon! Plus just the design of the magazine, the way titles are placed on a page, the typesetting, the contents pages... just little things. Its amazing how something can ignite that spark of creativity!
Of course the Hall of Fame contest rules are in this issue too! Am I entering? I *think* so! I said that about MMM earlier this year though. so yeah we'll see! 10 layouts! Tough!
I did like the articles in this edition of CK! Mini books! Photography! And as always loved the Ali column! Dang that woman inspires me! Of course I saw the ads for the Elsie book and HOF issue both of which I now want!
Totally inspiring issue, lots of eye candy and lots of things I want to run off and try in my scraproom! The mojo is flowing!!! I'm off to create!


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