Another year goes by...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

and I am now another year older! I was 35 on the 16th December so that's why I haven't been around. I got a few cards (mostly with Dalmatians on) and some money. Bob bought me some great gifts. I got a CD visor for the new car, the color matches the interior perfectly. He bought me "The Smiths" a book about their songs, love the smiths. And.... I am now the proud owner of a graphics tablet! Whoohoo! Had a little play on Saturday but we've been busy since then. I need to sit down with it at some point and have a proper play. We've been out shopping everyday since Bob broke up for the holidays, mostly looking for bike gear for me. I don't think I mentioned that I also got a dirt bike this week? A yamaha TTR 125e, its a lovely blue and I wanted gear to match so we've been on the lookout for stuff. Of course I can't actually RIDE it yet, as I can't get my helmet on due to the stitches in my head, which should come out today, I'll update again later.

The weather here in So Cal has gone chilly! We brought out the Ski jackets, and hats/gloves to walk the dogs. Sky is shivering more, must get round to sewing her a jacket, she's always felt the cold more than River.

Be back later with more of an update and then hopefully back on track with my blog :) I've missed it..


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