Bike lesson #1

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ok some of you know that for my birthday/christmas and just for the general fun of it Bob got me a dirtbike. We had been looking for a few weeks and finally found one last Wednesday. I have a Yamaha TTR 125e. Well I also had stitched in my head (eyebrow) so I couldn't get my helmet on so we couldn't go riding... till now! Bob and I went out to Rowher Flats yesterday. We went a little before lunch, so it was nice and warm still (unlike the morning which was frosty!). I should add here that I can't ride a bike! So the first lesson began in the parking lot! I seemed to be getting the hang of it enough for Bob to suggest going out on a little trail run. We reached an open area to hang out, take a break and chat (more lessons) and Bob took some pics. I have ALL my gear EXCEPT boots, they should arrive sometime soon.

This is one I took of Bob, I think he's telling me how well I did?
And I had to include this one! This is where I fell off in the parking lot on lesson #1, neutral, first gear and stopping. Got semi comfortable, started to get some speed up and kinda forgot to turn... then promptly forgot everything I should do, and did everything Bob had told me NOT to do... and ate dirt! Have to say my elbow and knee pads saved my ass here! I think you can see the indents in the floor from them! Plus my handguards on the bike got scuffed. But hey my first fall, and I got right back on the bike again! Go me!
I ache a little today, hips, pectorals and arms but I really enjoyed it. Need to practice my gears and finding neutral. Bob is going out again Saturday with Brett one of his biking buddies. I'm sitting that one out so Bob can go tear-arsing around with Brett without worrying about me lagging behind. Hopefully we'll go again next week (and hopefully my boots will arrive by then!). On the upside look at the awesome pics I have to scrap! We should be getting a new little camera this week too, pocket sized so its easier to carry.


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