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Friday, December 22, 2006

Article for the December Newsletter @ Crafty Keepsakes

Easy Digital Pages!

Its true EVERYONE can do digital! With what is called a "quickpage" digital pages can be completed in three easy steps! I created a quickpage for the newsletter using the crafty keepsakes digital kit, but they are available for download on many websites. Some kits come with quickpages, and some are offered on blogs as freebies so keep a look out for them! Most quickpages will be either a .jpg or .png depending on whether or not the page has elements that overlap the photo. The one I chose has overlapping photo anchors and ribbons. Because I made this quickpage 8" x 8" a standard 6x4 photo should fit great!

Step 1 - download the quickpage and open the page in the software program of your choice!
Step 2 - add your photo. The photo should be on a separate layer to the quickpage, just drag the photo layer underneath the quickpage so the ribbons and photo anchors appear on top of the photo. This is done in the layers 'window' which should be open in your program. Just click + hold on the photo layer and drag under the quickpage layer.
Step 3 - add a title, journalling, or quote! and you're finished! Alternatively you can print it out as an 8x8 page and handjournal, and add traditional scrapbook embellishments!

Quickpages are a great option for beginners to digital scrapbooking as they help you get used to layers, adding text, and using the basics of your program. Remember that these quickpages come in a variety of sizes, and even cards! Think of the possibilities!

The quickpage featured in this article is available for download here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4hcna0



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