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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I promised cards today... but I've been busy sorry! I have a to-do list a mile long. Plus River took sick again at the weekend (yes again!) and is just getting back to normal. Playing nurse Mommy takes a lot of time and attention! She just wanted to lay on me over the weekend so I took that time to do some research, some sketches, and plan out the direction for me and the blog. So now I need to take time to implement all that!

Tomorrow is card template/sketch day! So I'll upload a couple of the cards I got from people along with the new sketch. I have some layout template/sketches in the works so keep tuned for those! Remember the only way to get the digital templates is to get on the mailing list! So sign up, email me or leave me comment below with your email address.

I signed up with Scrapbook resumes this weekend (see the research above) so I need to spend some time working on that soon, love that you can customize it! Plus it will mean my gallery and resume/bio are in the same place which has to be easier right?

Finally Crafty Keepsakes is closing, probably at the end of the month. Kinda sad about it as I have been there from the beginning and its the place that I got my first DT break, but at the same time I know Angela has lots of family commitments. All the DT will keep in touch no doubt, as we've all become great friends. Its the end of an era, but Crafty Keepsakes will be going out with a BANG! We are having an online crop at the end of the month and there will be a HUGE sale!

To give you an idea of how crazy it got here, this is the FOURTH time today I've tried to post this! Crikey!


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