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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ok I am almost done with my latest one heart... one mind assignment! I just have to finish the layout and I'm done! Whew! This just means the title and journalling. After that I am back to working on halloween stuff. I still need to do a thank you card, and finish off my party invites. I discovered today that Xyron adhesive apparantly can go "off" and no longer stick. I went to use my little "X" machine today and the adhesive wouldn't stick. And yep I am out of replacements! So I used my trusty UHU gluestick, worked a charm!
We didn't go biking today, the weather has been freakishly windy the last couple of days. Just as well though cos I have lots of work to get done! I need to crack on with digital stuff too this week for Treasures and Scrapstreet! Its gonna be a busy week this week for sure! Need to write things down and figure out a plan of attack! I also need to eventually finish a digital kit I've been working on since before CHA!!! Anyone available to put a few more hours in the day for me?
I also realised today that if I don't get a start on the gardening and maintenance in the back garden soon its gonna get totally overgrown again! Yes the jungle is growing back! Seriously I'd just like a weedkiller to do what it says on the bottle! KILL WEEDS! I'm all for green non-chemical gardening but this jungle is too much for me to handle alone! I need help! We get fliers occassionally from professional gardeners, you know offering their services. Like HELLO, if we could afford gardeners the garden wouldn't look like a jungle! So I'm going back to my 30 minute plan. 30 minutes a day in the garden, anyone who does flylady knows about the 15 min thing, well its kinda that principle but really 15 mins in a garden this size acheives nothing!
Oh I also called and left a message with Kenny, the guy that did our windows. We're gonna get him to come replace the patio doors soon. Especially the side one cos it's sticking, and it's driving me crazy! In fact most the house drives me crazy right now. I get like this sometimes. I bought new cookware and never threw out the old ones, same with saucepans, and cutlery. I need to purge! Same with scrapping stuff! Need to organise and purge, and actually get to the giving/throwing away stage this time! I have a box of stuff for the Toones, I keep adding little bits to it, and never actually giving it to them!

Well so much for this being a quick update! I better get back to work and get this layout finished before dinner!


Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" March 5, 2007 at 6:44 AM  

Sounds like your super busy hun!!!! Best of luck getting everything accomplished.... and hey here's some weed wacking jungle vibes coming your way... LMAO


Lucy Chesna March 5, 2007 at 7:21 AM  

Good Luck girlie and sending good vibes for you to get your to do list done

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