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Friday, May 25, 2007

Well its the last week of the month and you know what that means? Yep it means I'm busy working away on next months DT projects. Wanna know what I'm playing with? Well digital stuff for next month is Kim Johnson and Shelle Pukas, loving the digi right now! Been doing digi for the last couple of days. Paper product I'm playing with Adornit products, Carolee's Creations. I have some stamps and papers (oh and some of the papers are dirtbike themed! whoooohoo!). What else? Ok I got a DT goodie box for the next 3 months, let's see what was in there... WeR Memory Keepers (OMG I am drooling all over that one!), Around the block (pet products yeah!), and Karen Foster (garden themed should be fun!). I have projects to work on for July Scrapstreet too, and also Junes projects for one heart... one mind and Boxer! Hmmm and here I thought I was having an easy week this week too!

This was the photo from Wednesday. Mom had asked (back in January, shhhhh) for some pics of me in my glasses, cos I have glasses for watching TV etc now. And well apparantly I am not allowed to take pics of me without a dog trying to in on the act. This is a shot I have about 100 of. Me (in various hairstyles and outfits) and half a blurry dog. Sky seems to think I need a face wash. I'm serious EVERY self portrait session has Sky trying to lick me clean! Honestly dog I did shower!

Ok and on with the completely random posting for today!

Well DH is still recovering stuff off the failed hardrive, we have all our photo's yay! Flash drives we would need more than 2, and well thats pretty much the same as a removable drive right? Which is our plan for off site storage. Which is basically the same as using a webservice but we control it.

Seriously though I take a TON of photo's. What I NEED to do is start proofing more, deleting ones that aren't any good. Its just I like to save them all cos even not good photo's can tell a story. Its just that its the boring tedious stuff I cannot stand (cos you know that's scraptime wasted right?). Like labelling photo's in Picasa. YES it would make my life MUCH MUCH easier when searching for a photo but I just don't wanna sit here and do it. A goal for June maybe?

Sabrina: You didn't leave an email or blog link so I couldn't reply to you personally, so I will tell everyone. Anyone who's been reading my blog over the last 6 months has seen various template changes, lol. My current blog template is customized. By me. (yay go me!) Blogger doesn't offer a 3 clumn template as yet, but there are some available on the web, just google 3 column blogger template! I spent some time browsing them on the web for a 3 column template but couldn't find one I liked that kept the blogger features I liked (the colapsable archieves) and so with a spare afternoon, lots of updating and cursing I finally got it working. However I DO have some preivous knowledge of html, and if you DO go into your template and make physical changes make sure you back it up! (trust me on this one!)

What I haven't done though is continued to update my links etc. Man I need to schedule blog time in my calendar! Has anyone discovered the secret to more hours in the day yet?

Tagged by Lucy! the little minx! I thought I was doing well on the tagging for a while. lol! Ok Lucy blogged about Six Summer Resolutions. Well I guess summer for me is the same as any season really as I don't have kids. But I guess for me Summer is going to be the time between NOW and my parents visiting in October (nothing confirmed yet, get booking Mom!). So what would I like to do in those 4 months?

1 - Art Journal/Painting & Drawing. Bought a couple of artist journals (watercolor paper) and I am almost ready to go! Might start in July (cos remember I'm labelling all my photo's in June!). This is all culminating from my past 6 months of stalking artists blogs and finding the urge to paint again. I remember back in school, I think I was around 14 I did a painting of a dalmatian (remember that Mom?). One of those assignments to enlarge a small clipping from a magazine. I wish I still had that painting. I see lots of experimenting this summer!

2 - Day Trips. Like Lucy I doubt we'll be going anywhere for a length of time but I want to take some day trips at LEAST. Word is we're gonna have a bad summer here in So Cal, so the pool is gonna get some use too! Yesterday I came home from grocery shopping and found this on next doors roof!

Yep a VULTURE! I was in awe and kinda freaked out at the same time. Definately a sight to see! I still get that "wow thats a real :insert animal here: in the wild" about living in Southern California. And just so you know the vulture wasn't after me, it was after the morning fresh roadkill squirrel outside the neighbors front yard, which it swooped down to snack on later. The pic is terrible I know but best I could do given the location of the bird and the full California Sun. I need to dig out my polariser again and UV filter.

3 - Get that digi kit done! I sear I have this one kit I've been working on for months! I promise that if its not done by October I am gonna just delete the whole thing cos its giving me digital kit designing blues! I have a serious block with it, not sure why cos I love the concept of it. It's just the design in my head isn't matching the design that comes out onto photoshop. ::sigh::

4 - okay without sounding odd, I am gonna get 2 Christmas cards done a week! I figure 2 a week x 16 weeks, I should have a good start on cards by the time Christmas rolls around! This will avoid the usual rush to get the cards done in November (cos I have to mail them early December to get to England!). So if you start seeing Christmas cards over the next few months for the sketches you now know why ok!

5 - Get back on the flylady plan! I love the system I really do, its just I seem to get sidetracked with deadlines. My problem is I'd rather be online, chatting with friends, out doing stuff or creating. Housework is such a chore. Anyone have any tips there?

6 - Work out regularly. I've been slacking and I feel it! Physically I'm not MUCH different from 5 years ago. I could stand to lose 10lbs and well I blame DH for the wrinkles! He makes me laugh too much... But I sleep better when I exercise and well right now my sleep pattern is all over the place, so gonna start on that today! Back on the treadmill, and increase the dogs walks!

Oh and I'm supposed to tag 6 people so: Nancy, Robin, T, Pearl, lisette and Rach! And if you're reading this I TAG YOU TOO! HAH!

And as I'm sharing completely random stuff with no theme or purpose whatsoever: go check out my friend Renee's latest creations, scroll down to see her layouts using pics of my dogs! Soooo cute!

Ok I think thats all so far for today. I need to get todays photo taken then get the last few days uploaded (including vulture!). Can anyone believe its almost June?


It's Just me...Crazy "T" May 25, 2007 at 12:29 PM  

oh my!!!! taggin me!!!! at least it will get me bloggin today for sure huh!!!
love your list for the summer and exciting things planned...
Have a great day chicka.. and btw.. love the photo!!!

Paula May 26, 2007 at 4:31 AM  

Di, promise me something.
When you find the secret to more hours in a day (but strictly for crafting & blog things you understand. I don't want more hours in the office..lol!)
Promise you'll share?!!!!!
I am so behind with the forums I am on, the blogs I love to read & generally my crafting time. work takes over the day & Im shattered in the evening.Antibiotics are part of the equation right now but I too, long for some ME TIME!

Maisymary's Findings May 26, 2007 at 4:48 AM  

ok did my 6 summer res - it's all good !lol -busy busy we all are in some way or other ...lol

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" May 27, 2007 at 6:33 AM  

I'll post your tag on my blog today chickipoo!!!

Love your entry and good luck with all your projects.. you'll kick arse I am sure!!


Paula May 27, 2007 at 10:34 AM  

My card sketch for May #4 is done & over on the blog.
Loved this one.

NancyJones May 30, 2007 at 8:59 PM  

AHHHH Ok im gonna do this for FRIDAY and you can just refer back to this post rofl! since you did it already hehehe

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