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Friday, July 20, 2007

I forgot to blog yesterday? I got into digi stuff yesterday and it just popped out my head! Totally forgot all about it. Not that I have anything to share till tomorrow, digital stuff coming tomorrow! Doing ok with the deadlines, got stuff I'm working on, one secret project that I need to get done but am procrastinating over. So need to get on that! Lots of things on todays to-do list. My allergies are BAD! Actually bought some different meds yesterday so hopefully they'll work better. I have a doc's appt on the 6th anyway so if they are still bad I'll mention it to her. Hmmm what else? Oh yeah its CHA this weekend and I'm not going. My work is there though, so if you're at CHA pop over to the one heart... one mind booth to check out the new line! (and my stuff! lol).

Ok I need to get working on this digi kit....


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