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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One question I get asked a lot as a card maker is: how do you make cards, and find envelopes? Well I usually make my rectangle cards A2 size, thats half a letter sheet of cardstock folded (good size for minimum waste). My square cards are normally 5"x5" square.

For envelopes well I've got the one heart... one mind template set. These things are awesome! I have their whole set, and seriously I totally 100% believe these things are a MUST BUY! Here are my most used templates, square and rectangle;

If you notice you get 4 sizes on one template! Plus they are made from a sturdy clear perspex, similar to the Colluzzle templates, no flimsy plastic here! I've tried the thin plastic ones and totally prefer these! Having the square envelope template is one of the main reason you see lots of square cards on the blog lately, I can't stop using it!

Most of the time I'm trying to get a matching envelope for the card, sometimes I can do this, sometimes I just make do with something that co-ordinates. Yesterday I made a couple of birthday cards (you can see them tomorrow) and I used around the block paper, but had none extra to use for envelopes, so I turned to my trusty DCWV stacks, pulled out some co-ordinating paper of similar colors and they look great! I sometimes use the pattern on the outside (using a mailing label for address) or I flip it and use the pattern on the inside, looks great as a liner! Plus the DCWV paper stacks are thin enough to fold nicely but thick enough that you can't see through.
I will say my stack papers might actually get a dent made in them now! LOL!

Lumpy cards, my nemesis! Ok not really... I love lumpy cards BUT I also realise they can sometimes cost more to mail! Did you know that? Lumpy cards (and I believe square) cost more to mail, thats why you don't see many VERY lumpy cards from me. Especially around Christmas as that extra 17c per card adds up!

Digital cards, well I sometimes send through email as is, with a personalized greeting added. Sometimes I will print them out and adhere to a regular card, hybrid style.

If you more questions let me know!


Heather S. July 17, 2007 at 2:39 PM  

You are an enabler! I just went and had to buy me these envelope templates also.

Thanks for the link!

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