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Thursday, July 5, 2007

So each morning as I munch on breakfast and drink my OJ I surf the web, check DT boards, and sort through emails on my laptop. Bob and I both sit in the lounge and when he goes to work I dissapear into my scraproom and start my day, booting up the PC and checking my to-do list. Well this morning started like any other, only when I booted my PC it immediately rebooted, hmmm strange. Then it starts up does all its usual whirring, next thing I got warning boxes popping up every few minutes. So I get Bob and tell him and he's like SHUT IT DOWN NOW. So my PC is infected! Bob came home at lunch and put the scanner thingy running (my technical knowledge only goes so far). The laptop passed it's test (YAY) but so far the PC has found 4 infectious things, and its not finished yet! (scary huh?)

So this is a reminder to scan your computer regularly, and CHECK the antivirus scran program (or whatever its called) is up to date! We have a firewall and antivirus protection and these damn things got through! So these things aren't 100% proof either but they all help!

I guess it was a good thing though as I got a CHA project completed and another almost done! Good news I guess in the long run.

Hopefully back later with a proper post computer permitting!


Michelle July 6, 2007 at 8:10 AM  

Oh, that sucks, Di! I hope it gets worked out.

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